Virtual Supply Chain (VSC)

A Virtual Supply Chain (VSC) is the informational representation or data visualization of the organization’s physical supply chain network. This includes, though is not limited to manufacturing plants, warehouses along with the supply chain components of the extended enterprise viz. customers, suppliers, logistics providers and so on. Just as a virtual model of an architect’s drawing allows the construction and client teams to walk through a design, a VSC allows the supply chain planners an overall view of the operations with the ability to zoom in on various areas of interest.

Supply Chain & The Boiling Frog Syndrome

Does your Supply Chain suffer from boiling frog syndrome?
Anecdote regarding Boiling Frog Syndrome is widely known. A frog placed in boiling water will certainly jump out. What if the frog is initially placed in cold water and the water is gradually heated up? The results are going to be different.