Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain Risk Management

Risk assessment, Mitigation and Reporting will be the three-pronged approach for the Supply Chain Risk management. Risks are then prioritized based on the probability of occurrence and level of impact. Are you looking for proactive identification and mitigation strategies? Contact us today for details

Inventory Optimization

Are you one of the organizations experiencing frequent stock outs, excess stock, dissatisfied customers and choked working capital? CII Centre of Excellence for Supply Chain will facilitate Effective postponement strategies, SKU rationalization, Strategic VMI (Vendor Manged Inventory), JIT (Just-In-Time) strategies, Demand forecasting and Planning. Increased Inventory turns, Improved service levels, Reduced working capital and Reduced costs will be the direct impacts. Contact us today for details

Network Optimization

Optimization helps the company’s network to respond well to changes in the market place. It will be important to align the network optimization efforts with the long-term business objectives. At CII’s Centre of Excellence for Supply Chain, we focus on developing dynamic capabilities to achieve the set objectives. Enhanced profit margins, improved flexibility, optimized inventory and reduced costs will be the direct impacts. Contact us today for details

Procurement Solutions

Global organizations have fully realized the strategic impact that Procurement can have on the business. Our solutions for transformation are backed up by exceptional knowledge of best practices, benchmarks and industry reach. Big boost to bottom line and high service level gains will be the direct impacts. Contact us today for details

Supply Chain Strategy

Win with customer centric Supply Chain strategy. Our expert team at CII Centre of Excellence for Supply Chain can help you develop superior strategy to gain ultimate competitive advantage and value. Our Supply Chain strategy will deliver Increased Profitability, Higher resilience, Improved sustainability and Enhanced customer value. No matter where you are and what your business are – our consulting team can develop and implement powerful Supply Chain strategies that deliver results. Contact us today for details

Supply Chain Audits

Being an Industry body and not-for-profit organization, we certainly qualify for carrying out unbiased Audits and bringing out trustworthy reports. CII Centre of Excellence has exceptional expertise in carrying out Inventory counts, Validate effectiveness in Contract management and Multi-Tier Supplier Audits. Risk Identification, enhancing transparency and corrective actions will be the primary objectives. Contact us today for details.

Market Research

CII Centre of Excellence for Supply Chain offers Qualitative Primary Research through Focus Groups, Telephonic & Personal Interviews. Quantitative Primary Research are driven through in-depth surveys. In addition to this, we offer comprehensive Secondary Research as well. Are you looking for Professional Market Research services?

Feasibility Studies

Today’s World is full of opportunities and risks. Businesses need to continuously gather and evaluate an array of feasibility data before moving forward with new ventures. Formulating actionable feasibility studies necessitates combination of detail, timing, and critical insights. We offer decision makers & Investors in Warehousing Space with 360 degree service on potential clientele, client expectations, location specific rates and competing players. With our 1500 strong CII’s SCMPro certified Professional network and Industry connect, we bring out the most comprehensive report to fasten your decision making process. Sounds Interesting?

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