Benchmarking Road Transportation – India

Project Summary

India’s leading Solar Panel Manufacturing Company signed up with CII to explore opportunities in improving their Packaging to reduce transit damage and Outbound Logistics which includes validating the current practices in Outbound Transportation within the Project Logistics space, primarily focusing on the Solar Industry.

Project Scope

  • Benchmarking Logistics Cost with Min-Max and Average Price Insights
  • Findings identified on the focus areas for improvement on Packaging and Loading / Unloading best in class practices
  • Brief on technology solutions deployable through start-up ecosystem to optimize Velocity, Visibility and hence manage Variability


  • Market research through CII’s extensive network approached User Industry and Transporters across India
  • In-Depth Market study of Solar, Glass, and Ceramic Industries through blogs / white papers/publications
  • Connect with CII’s community of more than 10,000 + Supply Chain certified professionals for deep insights
  • Access to dynamic trucking rates of Start-up in CII’s ecosystem with more than 10,000 trucking companies on board
  • Approach Strategy professionals of CII’s extended team who represent fortune 500 companies from diverse backgrounds
  • Through the premier management institutes in CII’s ecosystem, establish connect with their respective alumnus

Key Deliverables

  • Logistics Rate Comparison and Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Packaging Design Comparison
  • Loading and Unloading Best -In – Class Practices and In-Transit Damage Prevention Insights
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Peer Group Benchmarking