Supply Chain Risk Management

CII Institute of Logistics in association with Dun & Bradstreet India


The closely-knit hyper-globalized world today demands a seamless integration between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. Leaders are expected to make quick, informed decisions about choosing the right partners, buying the right commodities at the right price, manufacturing goods efficiently, and delivering them to customers through effective distribution networks. Any volatilities that may arise from shortages, supplier failures, labor issues, commodity price fluctuations and distribution network failures need to be managed to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. An in-depth understanding of the resources available, the right partners, and the right investments is essential in making these decisions.

The Supply Chain Risk Management online certification offered by CII Institute of Logistics (CII) in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet Information Services India Private Limited (D&B) offers an arsenal of strategies and systematic approach to counter any risks in this dynamic world to effectively manage business decisions that demand utmost diligence. You will be guided by experts with decades of experience in advising leading organisations on Supply Chain Risk Management. You will learn from pioneers at CII and D&B who will equip you and your organisation with unprecedented advantage in your respective fields, through well organized, efficient and hands on methodologies in order to avoid, evaluate, mitigate and manage supply chain risks.


This certification program will empower you to develop Supply Chain strategies considering the risks associated with each pillar of Supply Chain based on your organization’s unique business model and position in the current market. The content will explore how your value proposition can offer a competitive advantage and investigate ways to protect and bolster it. You will also assess the trade-off between Risks and value creation in relation to Supply Chain effectiveness.


The course is primarily designed for Supply Chain Controllers, Chief Financial Officers, Supply chain managers, procurement professionals, planning and sourcing analysts and managers, independent business owners, consultants, planning engineers, supply chain trainers and personnel, inventory planners, transportation planners, managers and engineers in general. We encourage the participation of students from all backgrounds who are keen to understand and act on the risks in supply chain management.


  • Introduction to Supply Chain
  • Risk Management planning process in Supply Chain
  • Identifying Supply Chain Risks
  • Evaluating Supply Chain Risks
  • Responding to Supply Chain Risks
  • Controlling Supply Chain Risks
  • Course Project


  • Self Study Mode + Recorded Sessions + Live Project
  • E-Version of Complete Content, Recorded Session of 10.5 hours, Problem statement for Live Project will be provided.
  • 7.5 hours live session for the project – Project will be part of the total score.
  • Live session of 3 hours per batch
  • Complimentary Handout on “Basics of Supply Chain” will be provided
  • Duration of Study: 3 months


  • 200 Multiple Choice Questions for 3 hrs ( 180 minutes)
  • Minimum pass percentage: 70% (Score of 140/200)
  • Candidate should secure 70% in the Live Project. Securing 70% & above on both the Examination & Live Project is mandatory to get certified.
  • Take your certification Exam straight from your home through AI-based Remote Proctoring Exam Portal

Fee for Certification Program : INR 9750 + 18% GST [INR 11505.00]

Payment includes E-Version of Content, Case studies, Recorded Video Sessions, Live Project Engagement, Examination & Certification

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